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Now Running Malayalam Cinema Reviews

Now Running Malayalam Cinema Reviews - Malayalam Movie Reviews  

Malayalam Movie Reviews

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    Utopiayile Rajavu Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - 'Utopiyayile Rajavu' strikes us as a blur - with neither its intentions nor its ploys making any sense. Despite a talented cast and an intriguing premise that held promise, this is precisely why 'Utopiyayile Rajavu' gets little past the dopey, very -mildly-amusing movie mark.
    Double Barrel Review
    Now Running, 1.50 rating - 'Double Barrel' sends the spoof genre on a downward spiral with a relentlessly unexciting script. Real crazy indeed. Wham- Damn- Bam.
    Kunjiramayanam Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - Basil Joseph's 'Kunjiramayanam' shows flashes of a gifted director at its helm, but suffers from some poor storytelling that is more confounding than charming. Crammed together and hobbled by a frail script, all that 'Kunjiramayanam' has on offer are a few fine moments here or there.
    Jamnapyari Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - 'Jamna Pyari' is merely an age old tale that tries to masquerade under the garb of a fresh flick, by bringing in...errr...a few goats. Drive them off the narrative, and you are left with an old fashioned story that starts, proceeds and ends exactly as you think it would.
    Loham Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - Loham' has none of the shine or shimmer that was expected of it. At best it looks like an antique bronze piece that has taken some fine patina all over it.
    Uthara Chemmeen Review
    Now Running, 1.50 rating - Plagued by a ridiculous script, the narrative chaos in 'Uthara Chemmeen' is revolting, to say the least. I would rather pretend that this never happened. Some sequels (or those that sound and feel like it) aren't meant to be.
    Just Married Review
    Now Running, 1.50 rating - 'Just Married' certainly does not qualify as an adult comedy. Neither does it strike us as an emotional drama. It's just a soulless romp that goes on for a couple of hours, that looks like a messy mash up of pointless sequences.
    Rasputin Review
    Now Running, 1.50 rating - 'Rasputin' is a no-show from the word 'go'. Certainly not my idea of weekend fun, this!
    Mumbai Taxi Review
    Now Running, 1.50 rating - With a script that goes limping right from the start, 'Mumbai Taxi' swerves this way and that until it bangs into a non-happening dead end. Entertainment remains zilch, the thrills are non-existent and the story quite humdrum. If it were not for some stunning frames by Nooruddeen Bava, the film would have been a colossal disaster of much depreciable standards.
    Ayal Njanalla Review
    Now Running, 2.50 rating - Vineeth Kumar's directorial debut 'Ayaal Njanalla' splendidly balances humour and pathos and presents before us an imaginative film, incited out of a brilliant thought. Delightfully fulfilling, 'Ayaal Njanalla' makes for a decent weekend watch.
    Rudra Simhasanam Review
    Now Running, 1.80 rating - 'Rudra Simhasanam' is a bombshell of sorts, that sends shockwaves up and down your spine, for all the wrong reasons. The tantric thriller that attempts to mix up mysticism with liberal doses of magic and mantra, very quickly makes it to the list of noted downers that have hit the screens this year.
    Love 24x7 Review
    Now Running, 2.80 rating - The sensitivity that Sreebala displays in handling the theme at hand, makes 'Love 24 x 7' and honest film, that is warm, tender and heartfelt. It has an old-fashioned sweetness to it, that lets its characters ingratiate themselves into your heart.

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