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Now Running Malayalam Cinema Reviews

Now Running Malayalam Cinema Reviews - Malayalam Movie Reviews  

Malayalam Movie Reviews

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    Odum Raja Aadum Rani Review
    Now Running, 2.70 rating - 'Odum Raja Aadum Rani' is a striking depiction of scores of men and women who are destined to lives their lives behind a veil on account of their sexuality. Unapologetic to the core, it touches and breaks your heart in myriad ways, and emerges a life-affirming movie with a difference.
    Seconds Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - Aneesh Upasana takes the thriller route in his second film 'Seconds' that ends up a cloying mess; a far cry from what it looks like in the beginning. 'Seconds' fails to hold together as a suspense drama, and despite all its embellishments and stimulating tangents fumbles up big time.
    Actually Review
    Now Running, 1.50 rating - 'Actually' forces you to almost abandon all hope in cinema, and is a film that simply shouldn't have happened. It merely proves to you, at the cost of a migraine and a couple of Saridons that films could be muddled up in unimaginably horrific ways.
    Karanavar Review
    Now Running, 1.80 rating - 'Karanavar' will never come even close to its uncountable predecessors. Banal to the core, it's a pedestrian attempt to recelebrate a once adored marvel in Malayalam cinema.
    Mylanchi Monjulla Veedu Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - To be fair to the young director though, he has brought in all the right colors and spirit into 'Mylanchi Monjulla Veedu', ardently trying to pump in some verve into a factory product of a story. But it simply isn't enough, and if the film gets stashed into the also-ran library before long, it's solely because it didn't have an original tale to tell.
    Mathai Kuzhappakkaranalla Review
    Now Running, 1.80 rating - If only Akku Akbar's cinematic misadventure was half interesting as its title! Wanting in originality and gormless to the core, here is one Mathayi who could spell big trouble for your weekend.
    Angels Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - The progressive incoherence is what mars the impact that 'Angels' would otherwise have made. A little old-hat perhaps, it's an imprudent thriller that squanders the initial potential that it had on show.
    Lal Bahadur Sasthri Review
    Now Running, 2.50 rating - Director Rejish Midhila has every reason to sport a grin, for his debut film 'Lal, Bahdur and Shastri', is an unalloyed, unsoiled piece of film making that should appeal to one and all.
    Dolphins Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - 'The Dolphins' keeps you wondering what the central conflict in its plot is for the one hundred and thirty minutes of its running time. And finally, when it makes itself apparent, you do wonder if it was indeed worth all the fuss.
    Oru Korean Padam Review
    Now Running, 1.80 rating - When the soul goes missing as it does in 'Oru Korean Padam', everything is lost. And the film is bound to sink without a trace.
    Ormayundo Ee Mugham Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - 'Ormayundo Ee Mukham' is all about memories, and it's quite ironic that a film that narrates a story on remembrances turns out to be as imminently forgettable as this one.
    Little Superman Review
    Now Running, 1.50 rating - As it is, 'Little Superman' and his gory antics are anything but child's play. If I were you, I would stay far off Willy and his sorry tale, and get those kids of yours a DVD pack of Disney cartoons instead.

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