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Now Running Malayalam Cinema Reviews

Now Running Malayalam Cinema Reviews - Malayalam Movie Reviews  

Malayalam Movie Reviews

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    Rasam Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - 'Rasam' dabbles with a done and redone recipe that has nowhere fascinating to go, and has the smell of a dud lingering all over it.
    Mili Review
    Now Running, 2.80 rating - Rajesh Pillai's Ugly Betty sans the braces, is an uplifting story of a branded loser getting her act straight once and for all. A smart and cozy watch for the weekend, 'Mili' is refreshingly sparky fare that should leave you enthused.
    Mariam Mukku Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - 'Mariyam Mukku' is a routine romance that has been excruciatingly stretched out beyond endurance levels. It's quite hard to get all excited about the happenings at 'Mariyam Mukku', and with its formula having grown extremely stale its screen life could indeed be incredibly short as well.
    Picket 43 Review
    Now Running, 2.40 rating - The striking visual style and the freezing landscapes in Major Ravi's 'Picket 43' do not make up for the flickering story line that threatens to blow out any minute. Major heaps in loads of patriotism, familial sentiments and some bon ami passion into a much familiar plot, and crafts a film that sparsely manages to catch your attention during its two hour run.
    Mayapuri Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - The two odd stars that are granted to 'Mayapuri' are for the intriguing and yet almost invisible philosophical line of thought that stretches across its rutted narrative. Barring that single element, there is very little left in it that would impress the viewer looking for either entertainment or intellectual enticement.
    Ammakkoru Tharattu Review
    Now Running, 1.80 rating - Set in a sitcom mode, 'Ammaykkoru Thaaraattu' is a film that does not spring to life at all. None of its cardboard characters reach out to the viewer, and the swamp of moral muddiness in which they lose themselves draws in the viewer down along with them.
    Ellam Chettante Ishtam Pole Review
    Now Running, 0.50 rating - 'Ellam Chettante Ishtam Pole' is anti-everything; it is anti-woman, it is anti-man and it is anti-human.Formless, awkward and dissonantly directed this is an unwatchable film that is to be towed straight into the trash can.
    Perariyathavar Review
    Now Running, 2.20 rating - I have this strapping conviction that Dr. Biju might have opted on purpose to take on the role of a mere onlooker in 'Perariyathavar'. Whatever be the case, it is this aloofness that mars the film, despite the very righteous intents that it has in mind.
    Village Guys Review
    Now Running, 1.50 rating - I'd go ahead with a star and a half for this downer of a film that poured water over my enthusiasm at New Year. These guys are unlikely to stay around for more than a week; in fact if my instincts are right, they should already be on their way out of the theatres.
    8:20 Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - Debutant director Shyam's '8:20' is a film that could very well boast of a premise that is unexplored in Malayalam cinema. However it remains that '8:20' could have made a crisper, biting short film that runs for less than ten minutes instead of a wilting feature that goes on for a couple of hours.
    Nagaravaridhi Naduvil Njan Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - Despite a buoyant start, Shibu Balan's directorial debut is hampered by some shoddy writing that should dishearten the viewer who expects the Sreenivasan - Sangeetha magic in 'Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala' to light up the screen yet again. 'Nagaravaridhi Naduvil Njan' is a tonally wonky effort that unfortunately feels like a total waste of time.
    Aamayum Muyalum Review
    Now Running, 1.80 rating - 'Aamayum Muyalum' is another Chirstmas cracker that has gone down the drain this year. I'd advise you to grab a DVD of 'Waking Ned' and have a fun time cuddled up before your television than waste almost three hours watching these bummer hare and tortoise tediously making it to the finishing line.

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