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Now Running Malayalam Cinema Reviews

Now Running Malayalam Cinema Reviews - Malayalam Movie Reviews  

Malayalam Movie Reviews

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    Mizhi Thurakku Review
    Now Running, 2.5 rating - As a visual adaptation of the classic poem 'Duravastha' by Mahakavi Kumaranasan to match contemporary movie-making style, "Mizhi Thurakku" comes off as a genuine effort.
    John Paul Vaathil Thurakkunnu Review
    Now Running, 1.5 rating - 'John Paul Vaathil Thurakkunnu' comes across as a group of scattered scenes bound loosely by a fragile narrative. Some doors, they say, are best left closed.
    Munnariyippu Review
    Now Running, 3.0 rating - Venu declares himself as an outstanding, unique and challenging voice in Malayalam cinema, with his second directorial venture 'Munnariyippu', a revelatory drama that throws together an emphatic, no-nonsense narrative with a couple of out-of-the-world performances. Incredibly scripted by Unni R, 'Munnariyippu' is engrossing stuff that gradually puts together the pieces of a jigsaw, proffering one revelation after the other with each move.
    Apothecary Review
    Now Running, 2.5 rating - Consistently echoing the timely and overpowering message that it conveys, tending to be a little over-emotional and repetitive at times, Apothecary comes out distinguishably strong and focused.
    Njan Steve Lopez Review
    Now Running, 3.0 rating - Njan Steve Lopez is serious cinema. If you have a good taste for non-commercial, intense and realistic movies, it's a must-watch for you.
    Avatharam Review
    Now Running, 1.7 rating - Avatars do not kill; they annihilate. When you finish watching the 2:47:22 hrs movie, that's exactly how you feel - annihilated.
    Manglish Review
    Now Running, 2.2 rating - Manglish comes out as a simple, breezy entertainer for its most part. But it could have been much better with a little more romance, and zealous final act and climax.
    Hi I am Tony Review
    Now Running, 3.0 rating - Hi I'm Tony is probably the best Malayalam psycho thriller to have hit the screens in the last decade or so.
    Vikramadityan Review
    Now Running, 2.2 rating - Vikramadithyan by Lal Jose & team is the story of an underdog that would leave you dog-tired by the time it reaches the last fifteen minutes of its run time. Just before you think you are passing out for sheer disappointment and weariness, it gives you a shot in the arm, making you recover quite a bit. Yes, quite a bit. The shot gives you enough strength to wear a jaded smile before you get up and walk out of the cinema unaided, with a small limp.
    Vegam Review
    Now Running, 1.8 rating - At a little less than 110 minutes of runtime, Vegam is a small movie. Yes, small indeed. Small in plot, smaller in story, smallest in execution, and diminutive in creative quality. As the name exhorts, the quicker we wrap up our business here, the better!
    Beware of Dogs Review
    Now Running, 1.8 rating - The escalating ridiculousness makes 'Beware of Dogs' a tough watch. Entirely hackneyed and frivolous, it's one of those films that make you go 'Bow-wow' in angst and sheer protest.
    Angry Babies Review
    Now Running, 2.0 rating - Saji Surendran's 'Angry Babies' hovers around that moment that lies between love, marriage and life. Playing out on the trouble that brews in a marital paradise, 'Angry Babies' sings a familiar tune, is sporadically funny and and makes little attempts whatsoever to take a detour from a much beaten path.

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