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Now Running Malayalam Cinema Reviews

Now Running Malayalam Cinema Reviews - Malayalam Movie Reviews  

Malayalam Movie Reviews

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    Alif Review
    Now Running, 3.00 rating - 'Alif' creeps slowly under your skin and stays right there, refusing to let go. Deftly scripted, brilliantly acted and tautly directed, it is a riveting drama that leaves you all shaken. Tantalizing and troubling in equal measure, 'Alif' has plenty in store to draw and hold your eye.
    Manikyam Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - R J Prasad's film is a classy instance of a work of literature losing out on its allure in the process of being transformed into a film. At best 'Manickyam' remains a lukewarm movie adaptation that is timid and tame, and which never really gets going beyond a point.
    Compartment Review
    Now Running, 2.20 rating - Salim Kumar's directorial debut 'Compartment' is effectual in patches, and does have a few quiet and intimate moments. However it falls short of being an admirable film, chiefly on account of its inability to stay absorbed on its very perturbing premise.
    White Boys Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - 'White Boys' does come across as an appealing thriller that keeps you perched right on the edge of your seats. But the inspiration is a bit too obvious to let it pass off as an inventive piece of film making. Michael Haneke, take a bow!
    Namasthe Bali Review
    Now Running, 1.00 rating - When it finally grinds to a halt, 'Namaste Bali' looks like a badly made travel video that someone cooked up while the cast and crew were away holidaying in Bali. If I were you, I wouldn't dare touch this one with a barge pole. No Namaste. No Bali.
    Haram Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - A head-scratcher movie that steadily sinks down like a rock thrown into a grubby pond, 'Haram' has none of the delight and elation that its title boasts of.
    Fireman Review
    Now Running, 2.50 rating - Deepu Karunakaran does succeed in putting a human face on those thousands of fire fighters out there, who rush to serve, as a finger trustfully dials '101'. 'Fireman', is without doubt a tribute to this unsung breed of heroes, whose lives are as quickly forgotten as the reasons that they had laid them down for.
    Saaradhi Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - Gopalan Manoj's directorial debut shows the sparks of a promising film maker, and yet seriously lacks the dimensions that are so much essential for an imposing thriller. If one squints hard enough, one might identify an appealing element or two, but 'Saaradhi' is still a road movie that swerves off the road and ends up far away from where it had originally planned to be.
    1000 Review
    Now Running, 0.50 rating - '1000 - Oru Note Paranja Katha', is one hell of a misadventure that should keep you away from the theatres for a while, if you happen to drop in for a dekko. Ruined beyond recognition by an implausible and frightful storyline, this is film making attempting to be at its worst.
    Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeeviyanu Review
    Now Running, 1.80 rating - 'Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeevi Aanu' is a fiasco of colossal proportions that is little more than a series of insipid conversations between supposedly hilarious characters. Suffering from some severely smug writing, 'Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeevi Aanu' is iffy stuff that delivers none of the promises that it makes, which includes serving a few earnest laughs as well.
    Rasam Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - 'Rasam' dabbles with a done and redone recipe that has nowhere fascinating to go, and has the smell of a dud lingering all over it.
    Mili Review
    Now Running, 2.80 rating - Rajesh Pillai's Ugly Betty sans the braces, is an uplifting story of a branded loser getting her act straight once and for all. A smart and cozy watch for the weekend, 'Mili' is refreshingly sparky fare that should leave you enthused.

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