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Now Running Malayalam Cinema Reviews

Now Running Malayalam Cinema Reviews - Malayalam Movie Reviews  

Malayalam Movie Reviews

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    Asha Black Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - 'Asha Black' is a tedious morality fable that squanders the acting potential of its gifted performers. It's too thin a film to sustain itself, and at best a wasted idea that could have been infinitely better.
    Persiakkaran Review
    Now Running, 1.50 rating - 'Persiakkaran' is a melodramatic tragedy that sedates you in no time. Which is why, for all the good work that must have gone into it, the film still feels as ersatz than ever.
    Tamaar Padaar Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - At two hours and forty minutes, 'Tamaar Padaar' is a torture that bores you beyond your senses. Let beards grow, and let sleeping dogs lie. Peace!
    Homely Meals Review
    Now Running, rating - Anoop Kannan's next after 'Jawan of Vellimala', 'Homely Meals' has new faces Vipin Atley and Shrinda in the lead roles.
    Money Ratnam Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - It's a surprisingly low bar that 'Money Ratnam' aspires to rest on and despite managing to raise the occasional smile, is loud and low. A road movie that wants to be a comedy and a moralistic fable all at once, it's a jug-headed chore that has eye-rolling moments galore.
    Vellimoonga Review
    Now Running, rating - Vellimoonga', the debut directorial venture of cameraman Jibu Jacob, casts Biju Menon, Asif Ali, Aju Varghese, and Nikki Galrani in the lead roles. 'Vellimoonga' narrates the story of a local political leader, who belongs to a National Party.
    Njan Review
    Now Running, 3.0 rating - 'Njan' has the classic Ranjith signature all over it and without doubt is the film maker's best directorial venture till date. Opulently layered with intricacies, the film is in no way an easy watch, and yet is an accomplished piece of cinema that offers the discerning viewer an observant slice straight out of life.
    Sapthama Shree Thaskaraha Review
    Now Running, 2.8 rating - 'Sapthamasree Thaskara' is a decent watch for the family this festive season, but as someone who has been tremendously bowled over by the director's first film, I would say I was a tad let down with his second effort. However, offering plenty of unalloyed pleasure, 'Sapthamasree Thaskara' could still be the one reason why you should visit a cinema hall this week.
    Villaliveeran Review
    Now Running, 1.8 rating - 'Villaliveeran' maintains a uniformity throughout in that it is a sheer disaster from start to finish. Not a thing about it is likely to hold your interest for long, and this supposedly brave warrior will have you scurrying out of the cinema halls in no time.
    Rajadi Raja Review
    Now Running, 2.0 rating - For those of you, who have still got a penchant for those masala potboilers of yore that look and sound corroded to the core, 'Rajadhiraja' might be the film to watch this festival season. And for the rest of you, who like me, have to deal with a nagging headache after the deafening show, stay home and enjoy your Payasam.
    Bhaiyya Bhaiyya Review
    Now Running, 1.8 rating - Sporadically bringing out a laughter or two, this is a film that very rarely engages us emotionally and which fundamentally falls apart at the seams.
    Peruchazhi Review
    Now Running, 2.0 rating - 'Peruchazhi' suffers from some severely weak plotting and tries to cover it up with the silver sparks that emanate from the stardom of its lead actor. But with virtually no story to tell, it's an irredeemable fiasco that totally takes its viewers for granted.

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