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Now Running Malayalam Cinema Reviews

Now Running Malayalam Cinema Reviews - Malayalam Movie Reviews  

Malayalam Movie Reviews

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    Gangster - Review by Veeyen
    The even sag that painfully persists throughout, the mindless gunshots and blood splatter and the sodden predictability together blow up this film beyond recognition. And no amount of crashing and crunching can salvage an entertainer from the massive
    Onnum Mindathe - Review by Veeyen
    Some films send you sprinting into silent mode once you are done watching them. I'm sure this must never have been the film maker's intention when they named their film 'Onnum Mindathe', but as a dejected audience walks out of the cinema halls, silen
    Vasanthathinte Kanal Vazhikalil - Review by Veeyen
    'Vasanthathinte Kanalvazhikalil' could best be seen as a tribute to a political and cultural movement that had brought about a red revolution in the state. Cinematically though, it's a middling film that has very few fresh sights on offer.
    Praise the Lord - Review by Veeyen
    Shibu Gangadharan's 'Praise the Lord' is doubtlessly devoted to its material, and yet remains a lumbering affair. Almost inexplicably, it struggles to blow life into a few charming characters that had appeared so lively on print, and which surprising
    Hangover - Review by Veeyen
    'Hangover' feels not much like the heady giddiness that remains long after you have downed your excessive drink or two. It feels more like the nausea and the splitting headache that follows a drink gone all wrong.
    Snehamulloral Koodeyullappol - Review by Veeyen
    It simply cannot more repetitive than this, and 'Snehamulloral Koodeyullappol' is a film that must not perhaps have been made. But then, every film is made with the best intentions in mind, and sometimes things aren't meant to fall in line.
    Konthayum Poonoolum - Review by Veeyen
    A series of absurdities placed against each other, make an incoherent mess called 'Konthayum Poonoolum'. The film, directed by Jijo Antony is easily one of the most baffling films that I have watched in recent times, and baffling need not always nece
    Ettekaal Second - Review by Veeyen
    'Ettekal Second' turns out to be an imminently forgettable love yarn that leaves you twiddling your thumbs. Skip this one, and stay safe.
    Alice a True Story - Review by Veeyen
    This Alice is determined to leave you stranded in wonder land! They say the film is based on a true story, and if it indeed is, looks like life must have flown out of it, as it got transacted on to the screen.
    Happy Journey - Review by Veeyen
    The interest quotient in Boban Samuel's 'Happy Journey' remains the minimum, and at the end of it, its nothing more than a series of disparate scenes that try their best to hold together. It's a bit sad, since the source material that the maker had i
    Pakida - Review by Veeyen
    'Pakida' could pass off as a watchable thriller if you are in a real relenting mood, all eager to appreciate the endeavor that has attempted to tell the story of a game that turns all somber. Else, it would remain yet another of those innumerable fil
    Papilio Buddha - Review by Veeyen
    Jayan K Cherian's 'Papilio Buddha' is a film that is simply not afraid of taking a definite stance, and as such digs deep into wounds that are quite raw. A thoughtful, investigative and poignant film, it lays bare an intricate, multilayered catastrop

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