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Now Running Malayalam Cinema Reviews

Now Running Malayalam Cinema Reviews - Malayalam Movie Reviews  

Malayalam Movie Reviews

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    Kumbasaram Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - 'Kumbasaaram' scores low on the entertainment quotient, nor does it proffer fresh thoughts or novel illuminations. But it does offer those occasional flashes of a talented film maker who could do infinitely better with a more solid script at his disposal.
    Sir C.P Review
    Now Running, 1.80 rating - 'Sir CP' lacks the punch, thump and clout that make an entertaining film. It does nothing more than merely adding itself on to a list of also-rans that hastily vanish from the cinema halls in a week's time.
    Nee-Na Review
    Now Running, 2.50 rating - 'Nee-Na' tells an obvious tale with an inevitable end-point already in sight, but steers itself clear of heavy handed sentimentality. I would overlook the schematic feel that at times robs the film of its fun, and look at it as a thoughtful movie that has benefitted from a brilliant director at its helm.
    Lailaa O Lailaa Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - Joshi's 'Lailaa O Lailaa' is a sparkless action caper that digs through implausibly convoluted cinematic cliches to narrate a tale that seems to scoff at us for being told. Of the many bullets that are fired in the film, none remain engraved in our memory as much as the colossal style-over-substance misfire from scenarist Suresh Nair who has penned this massive fiasco that fittingly qualifies as a foggy snoozer.
    Oru Second Class Yathra Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - 'Oru Second Class Yatra' isn't a damaging film, especially since being flat certainly cannot be considered offensive. For the most part, it restricts itself to telling a mundane story that holds few revelations in store, and does not aspire to be a fabulous entertainer that throws in style with substance.
    Chirakodinja Kinavukal Review
    Now Running, 2.80 rating - Santhosh Viswanath's sparkling debutant film 'Chirakodinja Kinavukal' might appeal more to the experimental crowd, but does achieve the accolade of being a positively delightful movie that leaves a wide grin on your face. Sweet, charming and downright amusing, 'Chirakodinja Kinavukal' manages to rake in a fair amount of real laughs, all the while brimming with an inventive spirit that isn't that common in Malayalam cinema.
    Chandrettan Evideya Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - Perhaps it's our expectations regarding 'Chandrettan Evideya' that amplify our disappointment. Dunno whether it has all be pre-written as the movie claims to be, but looks like this is an earnest exercise that falls all flat.
    She Taxi Review
    Now Running, 1.50 rating - It takes a whole lot of courage and even more nerve to cook up a visual product that lasts for one hundred and fifty minutes out of a story that you wouldn't want to be caught listening to, even dead. 'She Taxi' this isn't; 'Boo Taxi' this is.
    Bhaskar the Rascal Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - Siddique's 'Bhaskar the Rascal' is a film sans an internal narrative logic that hardly outweighs its jaded stereotypes. The only redeeming fact about the two and a half hour long film is the highly agreeable combination of its four lead actors - Mammootty, Nayantara, Sanoop and Anikha - all of whom desperately struggle to bring in some sense into an otherwise bizarre storyline.
    Ivan Maryadaraman Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - Measure it by any yardstick, and I'd still maintain that 'Ivan Maryadaraman' is certainly not my cup of tea. For that matter, neither is the Telugu original that it blatantly admits to have been inspired from.
    Oru Vadakkan Selfie Review
    Now Running, 2.80 rating - Prajith's directorial debut 'Oru Vadakkan Selfie' is a quiet little gem that has popped out of the basket this Friday, which is a buddy comedy that has a very special edge to it. A pretty good yarn that is consistently witty, 'Oru Vadakkan Selfie' fruitfully manages to let that smile linger on your lips for quite a while.
    Ennum Eppozhum Review
    Now Running, 2.00 rating - At the end of it all, when one looks back at it, the title of the film sounds the scariest. Is it a forewarning by any chance, that prospective Sathyan Anthikad films will forever (Ennum Epozhum) remain within a redone-to-death mould?

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