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Sify Malayalam Movie Reviews

Sify Malayalam Movie Reviews - Malayalam Movie Reviews  

Malayalam Movie Reviews

Sify Malayalam Movie Reviews  Sify Malluwood Film Reviews  Sify Mallu Cinema Reviews  Sify Malayalam Reviews
    Sify Malayalam, Matinee is one film, which could have been much better if handled with passion and expertise   
    Sify Malayalam, It is an experiment, which can be appreciated only for its narrative style that is relatively new in this part of the globe.   
    Sify Malayalam, Madirasi is perhaps not meant to be taken too seriously, even as a film.   
    Hit List
    Sify Malayalam, It is a rather forgettable attempt from Bala and even as a mindless action thriller, the film is a let down.   
    Sify Malayalam, Director V K Prakash' Poppins is a potpourri of some stories, which looks at the various facets on human relationships   
    Face 2 Face
    Sify Malayalam, With the absence of basic logic at most times and a style that was perhaps okay eons ago, this film is tough to be digested   
    Sify Malayalam, Chettayees hits the extremes, good and bad that is, and mostly fails to keep a healthy balance.   
    Sify Malayalam, It's the comic journey of a few dumb characters narrated in a gripping manner.


    Scene Onnu Nammude Veedu
    Sify Malayalam, Just a few scenes into director Shyju Anthikkad's film, Scene Onnu Nammude Veedu we are pretty sure where things are heading.   
    Sify Malayalam, Ardhanaari could have been much better, but the sincerity of its makers needs to be appreciated for sure.   
    101 Weddings
    Sify Malayalam, Director Shafi, who has made some nice comedies in the past, flounders big time in his efforts to have the viewers in splits.   
    Sify Malayalam, The initial scenes of 'Theevram' starts in a promising way but all the excitement dies down pretty soon.


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