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Sify Malayalam Movie Reviews

Sify Malayalam Movie Reviews - Malayalam Movie Reviews  

Malayalam Movie Reviews

Sify Malayalam Movie Reviews  Sify Malluwood Film Reviews  Sify Mallu Cinema Reviews  Sify Malayalam Reviews
    Maad Dad
    Sify Malayalam, Revathy Varma tests the patience of the viewer with her flop show.   
    Nee Ko Njaa Cha
    Sify Malayalam, Some of the twists and a few sequences are enjoyable but the rest of the film is full of irritating buffoonery, unintelligent jokes and sexual innuendos.   
    My Fan Ramu
    Sify Malayalam, A review of this film would require more efforts than the makers of this absurd drama had devoted while writing the script.   
    Annayum Resoolum
    Sify Malayalam, Cinematographer turned director Rajeev Ravi's Annayum Resoolum is a love story set in a highly realistic backdrop.


    I Love Me
    Sify Malayalam, With slow motion sequences, close ups, never ending dialogues and song �n� dance routine this film is a big bore   
    Da Thadiya
    Sify Malayalam, In the end, Da Thadiya is a lazily written film by all means.   
    Sify Malayalam, Even in this badly written role Mohanlal does his best and it is thanks to him that the viewer will remain in their seats to watch the whole film.   
    Bavuttiyude Namathil
    Sify Malayalam, In one of the most riveting performances during recent times, Kavya Madhavan gives an altogether different meaning to her character   
    Sify Malayalam, Matinee is one film, which could have been much better if handled with passion and expertise   
    Sify Malayalam, It is an experiment, which can be appreciated only for its narrative style that is relatively new in this part of the globe.   
    Sify Malayalam, Madirasi is perhaps not meant to be taken too seriously, even as a film.   
    Hit List
    Sify Malayalam, It is a rather forgettable attempt from Bala and even as a mindless action thriller, the film is a let down.   

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