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Sify Malayalam Movie Reviews

Sify Malayalam Movie Reviews - Malayalam Movie Reviews  

Malayalam Movie Reviews

Sify Malayalam Movie Reviews  Sify Malluwood Film Reviews  Sify Mallu Cinema Reviews  Sify Malayalam Reviews
    Sify Malayalam,

    The theatre had influenced several generations of Malayalis in a big way during the past, before weaning away to near oblivion.

    Sify Malayalam,

    In a land where controversy sells more than condoms, Vyshakh�s Vishudhan (The Saint) could be a sensitive theme, especially for certain Christian groups.

    Sify Malayalam, The main issue with stories of these kinds is that they have a predictable pattern with real events happening only at the beginning and then towards the end.
    Sify Malayalam, Now, this is an example for exploiting the resources, which obviously hints at the trend of making films aiming only at the hefty satellite rights based only on the number of big names involved.
    Kadha Veedu
    Sify Malayalam,

    Sohanlal's Kadha Veedu connects one story each from three celebrated Malayalam writers - M T Vasudevan Nair, Vaikkom Mohammed Basheer and Madhavikkutty.

    Sify Malayalam,

    Director Shaji Kailas, known for quite a few well made action films in the past, decides to try comedy with his latest film, Ginger.

    Philips & the Monkey Pen
    Sify Malayalam, This film is not just for kids, but for anyone who loves kids. Don't miss this one!

    Sify Malayalam, Nadodi Mannan has been lying in the cans for sometime now and it has been worth the wait for his die-hard fans
    Bangles review: Unoriginal and predictable
    Sify Malayalam, The posters of Bangles had proudly announced that it was scripted by the writer of Cocktail, which is funny because the Malayalam film
    Pattam Pole
    Sify Malayalam, Azhagappan has managed to put together a rather meek misadventure at best that is devoid of any fizz whatsoever.
    Idukki Gold
    Sify Malayalam, The five lead actors and their younger versions have done it all with real honesty.
    Sify Malayalam, The legendary 'David & Goliath' tussle has been a favourite plot for filmmakers of all times to mould their storylines.

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