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Sify Malayalam Movie Reviews

Sify Malayalam Movie Reviews - Malayalam Movie Reviews  

Malayalam Movie Reviews

Sify Malayalam Movie Reviews  Sify Malluwood Film Reviews  Sify Mallu Cinema Reviews  Sify Malayalam Reviews
    Husbands in Goa
    Sify Malayalam, You need real skills to find humour in �Husbands in Goa�. Go for this one, if you are ready to take such pains.


    Trivandrum Lodge
    Sify Malayalam, V K Prakash has made a disturbingly offensive film, which frequently crosses every limit of decency under the guise of bold experiments   
    Ithra Maathram
    Sify Malayalam, . If you have an eye for genuine, serious cinema, this one could be a fine option.


    Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam
    Sify Malayalam, Why did veteran actors like Sreenivasan and Nedumudi Venu agree to be part of this film?   
    Molly Aunty Rocks
    Sify Malayalam, Molly Aunty Rocks is a gripping and engaging tale of a woman, who is well aware about what she wants from life   
    Sify Malayalam, This remake of a classic lacks the zing to match up with the current times.   
    Sify Malayalam, In the end, though the film is definitely worth a watch, Ozhimuri gives the feeling that it is more of a wasted opportunity.   
    Run Baby Run
    Sify Malayalam, Director Joshiy�s Run Baby Run, with media as the backdrop, is a gripping tale with some good visuals and excellent performances.   
    Sify Malayalam, In the current format, Thappana ends up as a not-so-exciting experience.   
    Sify Malayalam, The extremely overhyped �new generation� syndrome in Malayalam cinema seems to have started taking a toll now!   
    Mr. Marumakan
    Sify Malayalam, Mr Marumakan is as archaic as formula is to films and it is packaged as an old-school masala potboiler aimed at Dileep fans.   
    Sify Malayalam, Were the makers of this film sleeping for a decade or so, to suddenly wake up to make this old fashioned misadventure?   

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